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Identifying Your Goals In Retirement

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Goal Setting, in theory, is simple, you work out what you want for the rest of your life, right? We suggest you break your goals into 2 primary groups:

Lifestyle Goals – These outline how much money you need or want to spend on an annual basis.

Lump Sum Goals – These outline the lump sums of money that you want to spend at points of time in the future (cars, holidays, boats)

Lifestyle Goals

Before you can set your goals for how much you want to live on in retirement or how much you would like to save, you need to know how much you need to live on today; how much you need or want to spend to have a comfortable life.

This is broken up into

a) Essential Items and

b) Non-Essential or Luxury Items

We split the lifestyle goals deliberately, in case we need to plan a cut back on one goal in order to achieve a more important goal. For example, you may want to spend $30,000 in 12 months time on an overseas trip, but the only way you will comfortably afford this is to adjust your current expenditure. We start this adjustment process by looking at the non-essential or luxury items.

Lump Sum Goals

The second part of goal setting is where most people have the most fun. This is where you get to think about all of the things you really want to do, and then you get to write them down, with a view to making them a reality. The role of your Certified Financial Educator is to work with you to make the dreams you list below come true. Enjoy the opportunity to choose your dreams…our Certified Financial Educators really do plan on your behalf to deliver these dreams to you.

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