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Who we are?

We give our customers all the tools and guidance they need to create an effective retirement planning solution, and we help you every step of the way. We employ retirement planning specialists who offer to help create financial strategies that will suit you for life.



A message from Peter

Individuals compare products in a supermarket daily with ease. The products on the shelf are easy to access, the price is clear to see, you can read about everything on the packaging, it’s simple. More over if you make a mistake you take the product back and replace it or simply buy a different product next time. If only it was this easy to do this with your investments, but it isn’t.

THE PROBLEM is that comparing investment products is just not like shopping at the local store for 6 reasons:

1. Fee transparency is not obvious.
2. It is difficult to know if what you have is genuinely good. (Learn more)
3. If you consider change, informed decision in areas where you don’t have expertise and experience is hard.
4. Comparing costs / benefits / savings is necessary but its hard to find accurate, reliable information to make an informed decision. Free comparison websites are available but often only provide information on products that pay to be compared, making the comparison far from accurate and somewhat biased and
5. Comparing products and investments requires sophisticated tools that individual simply don’t have.

THE SOLUTION - is to find a comparison service that solves for 1 to 6 above

Retirement Services Australia would definitely love you to become a client, BUT only if we can genuinely add value, We compare what you have for free. If you are well looked after, with competitive product, pricing and performance this is great for you good and we’ll tell you to stay exactly where you are. If however we can improve your financial situation. our Free Under the Bonnet Review will work this out and we’ll tell you how much you can save by making a change. Below is an example of one savings recommendation made to a client in August 2019.

Amount Under Review                        $1,022,968
Final Outcome of our UBR                 We can help

                                                                         ESTIMATED OUTCOMES (Annual) 
                                                                 Current Fees               Recommended Fee               Forecast Savings
                                                                      %           $                    %                     $                        %                    $
Product Fee Analysis                            1.68%   $17,138         1.59%          $16,259               0.09%            $878
Advice Fee Analysis                              1.15%   $11,797         0.25%            $2,527               0.91%         $9,270
Seniors Card NSW – Discount             0.00%             $0        -0.29%     -$2,960.46               0.29%         $2,960
Total Fee Improvement                         2.83%   $28,934         1.55%    $15,825.47              1.28%       $13,109 

Peter Rheinberger holds a Master of Commerce in Financial Planning, a Bachelor of Education, is a member of the Financial Services Institute of Australisia and the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) in Australia. In 2002 Peter established a company designed to educate Australians about financial services and to provide advice to those who needed it. This company was called R Financial Educators and it was possibly the first financial services company in Australia to offer a money back service guarantee to clients for advice provided.


Once you know how much income you may need, for how long and where it may come from, you can work out whether your retirement planning is on track.

"We are very happy with the service, everything was clearly explained and understood. Thanks Peter."
Licia and Robert
46-55 years old
"Peter has been managing my financial affairs for many years. I am very happy with the work he is doing for us. If all goes to plan we will retire comfortably with no debt, a tax"
46-55 years old

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